A Roland Customer Appreciation – Meet Karen

Now that you got to meet Kathy, meet Karen! Karen has been with A Roland since the beginning. Her personality is electric, and she’s constantly making the staff laugh and always seems excited and happy. Karen is like family. Her 12-year-old daughter even shadowed the stylists at the salon because she loved loved what we do for a living.

Karen, too, shared some thoughts on A Roland, her relationship with her daughter, and a few other topics:

What brings you to A Roland?

I’ve been with A Roland since the beginning. It is truly a family atmosphere and we love everything about them!

What do you love most about your experience that makes you come back?

All of the creativity, family atmosphere, energy and always striving to do more and be creative.

What is you and your daughter’s favorite thing to do together?

Hiking and kayaking.

What book will you gift any friend of yours and why?

Harry Potter- Happiness can even be found in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Why is important for you to look beautiful?

It isn’t important to look beautiful. It’s important to take care of yourself on the inside and outside. That reflects outward on others as well.

What is your favorite hair care product?

My favorite product is texture tonic.

A special thank you to Ashcombes for allowing us to use their beautiful green house as our backdrop for these mommy + me sessions. It was so nice to compliment the beauty of these ladies with so many incredible flowers and greens.

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