A Roland Hair Salon Studio – Where Education Comes First

The A Roland team are a decidedly knowledgeable group, always pushing their own boundaries and developing their talents. Amy Roland, salon owner and Certified Aveda Educator, believes education is part of the core foundation to her establishment’s success. Her constant path of self-improvement; honing her skills as they relate to both activities “in the chair, and out” are evident in her commitment to also training her staff.

Take it from stylist Courtney Semic.

“When I started at A Roland I was a shy and timid person. I was fresh out of school and the thought of jumping right behind the chair scared me. A Roland gave me an amazing experience as an assistant along with great training that has had a huge impact on where I am and the person I am today.”

And thanks to Amy’s commitment, “I now have the skills and confidence to do whatever it is I set my mind to.”

Under Amy’s guidance, Courtney has achieved her life-term goal of becoming a runway makeup artist and is now well on her way to adding color educator and specialist to her already-impressive resume.

Amy’s pledge to educate, guide, and invest in the talent she leads doesn’t end with Courtney.

All new salon talent are immediately enrolled in the Arrow Program, a proprietary development path built on 30 years of industry experience training successful beauty professionals. The one-year program contains curriculums that many would consider advanced techniques, such as advanced color formulation, balayage and hair painting, specialty foil placement, color melting, precision cutting, texturizing techniques, skin care, waxing services, and bridal makeup application, among other skills.

The ever-evolving beauty industry may feel like it moves at light-speed, but the staff at A Roland are determined to lead, by continuously staying on top of trends and techniques. A move that is paying big dividends for the staff.

“My success behind the chair, along with huge support from our team has allowed me to buy a house of my own for my son and I,” Courtney says. Adding, “Working at a Roland has turned my passion for hair and makeup into a dream come true and it only continues to get better.”

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